People of Tumblr: I need a moral ruling.

First let me start by saying I love my boyfriend very very much. I love him so much that I moved across the country to a city where I don’t know anyone just to be with him. But due to the nature of his work, he can be away for weeks at a time.

Now is one of those times. My issue is this: Is it wrong for me to use tinder to meet people in my area, people who I have no intention of being any more than friends with, without telling him- because I know, even though I’ll point out I’m looking for *friends* he would think I’m trying to cheat on him- and stupid for telling him about it. So my question is: is it wrong for me to not tell him?

EDIT: Other than tinder what other ways are there to meet people online?

EDIT2: I’m making it very clear to the guys and girls on there that I’m just looking for friends.


I get by with a little help from my friends. 😃